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Media Profile

Dr. Russell Thackeray is an expert source on the following topics:

Organisational Development
•Building Resilience - how to build resilient teams and people to reduce stress and sickness.
•Tough Love Leadership - toolkits for leaders that blend accountability with concern.
•Change, so what’s really the problem - working to rid the stigma of change and make it less painful.
•People are our greatest asset right? Well, wrong - only the right people in the right place at the right time are an asset, otherwise they can be a nightmare. Let’s figure out how to avoid those nightmares.
•Wellbeing, it’s not just about the gym and a fruit bowl - learn how wellbeing is the springboard to greater productivity and engagement.
•Evaluation – how to take all the learning and development activity in an organisation and prove it adds value without creating an industry or sleepless nights. Imagine, an HR department that added value rather than just focusing on ‘business prevention’. It’s possible and could transform your workforce and performance.

Personal Development
•Managing Stress - change from a victim to the ‘boss’ of your stress in five easy steps.
•Managing Anxiety - the enemy of happiness is anxiety. Conquer it to ensure personal purpose and workplace performance.
•Resilience - strategies to bounce back from adversity and ‘weather the storm’ when things get tough - tools and tactics that can be practiced to improve sleep, reduce stress, give a greater sense of purpose and ensure an energy-rich life.
•Building Accountability - the secret to empower your life, transform your learning and build tremendous relationships and results at home and at work.
•The Rise of the sideline hustle - utilise the power of social media to grow a side income that can be good for financial resilience and your sense of purpose.
•Relationships are the cornerstone of life - understand the methods to find your perfect partner, build a successful relationship and keep it fresh for years.
•Building a Transgender life - understand how the personal costs and sacrifices within this community can help all of us become more empathic, confident, resilient and accepting.
•Music can save your life - many musical genres have positive benefits for health, wellbeing and even performance at work. Learn how to make use of this almost endless resource.

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Thackeray is an expert at assisting people and organisations drive change, achieve goals and win, in a constant and sustainable way by building accountability and resilience. Dr. Thackeray is a psychologist, coach and hypnotherapist and regularly works with the ‘soft issues’ in businesses through building strong cultures and the emotional and mental toughness that allows people to thrive, whatever life throws at them. He has strong analytical and creative skills and has developed a new approach to the evaluation of learning in organisations. This allows him to tackle ‘soft stuff’ in a highly practical and analytical way, by backing up development with statistical evidence and proof.
Dr. Thackeray has substantial and varied experience working within sales and marketing, operational management (including a spell as a CEO in a UK Law Firm) as well as time as an organisational development consultant and coach. He has worked with a diverse range of organisations including Central and Local Government, the National Health Service, Mercedes Benz, GKN, The Guardian, Hyundai, QinetiQ and Asda as well as for Private Equity and Venture Capitalists.
As an entrepreneur, Dr. Thackeray has grown a number of organisations and has worked in the investment space with a number of UK Private Equity companies, including some major UK universities, to help them build the best people to ‘ramp up’ their investments.
He is also a non-executive director of a number of digital businesses including lifestyle transformation and cruise travel companies.

As a speaker, coach and trainer Dr. Thackeray can be challenging, especially with senior groups in driving sustainable change by creating accountability through resilience tactics and techniques. However, he also deploys extraordinary empathy that allows him to work across levels, genders and hierarchies to ensure people are inspired and grow - by seizing their opportunities in life and at work.

His fast-paced, impactful and engaging training workshops and speeches provide real world, practical strategies and skills that improve the performance of organisations and individuals to navigate uncertainty.
With a new YouTube channel, a book in development and online courses, Dr. Thackeray has a variety of methods to help people succeed and live their ‘best life’.

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  • Blends a range of solutions and approaches to suit the issue
  • Face to face or online - work and support
  • International, UK and US speaking presence
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